Fish Hawk x4D with Bluetooth

Price: $1,249.99
Now Featuring Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology

You'll get trolling speed and water temperature at the lure, the true running depth of your downrigger weight, and surface temperature and speed-all key information for successful trolling. The Fish Hawk X4D uses Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology to send data to your mobile device(s) and the free Fish Hawk Mobile App turns your smart phone or tablet into an extra display anywhere in the boat. The app's Catch Log feature lets you quickly record the species, size, GPS coordinates, and probe depth, temp, and speed every time you catch a fish. The app also lets you quickly and easily share catch log information with fishing buddies in other boats via text or email.

X4D System Features

  • Wireless digital data transmission
  • Magnum digit LCD can be seen from anywhere in the boat
  • Easy to use with any downrigger
  • Data displayed: surface temperature and speed; probe temperature, speed, and depth
  • Units of measure: Fahrenheit/Celsius; feet/meters; MPH/KPH/KNOTS
  • Water-activated auto ON/OFF
  • Leak-proof probe
  • Ultra-long battery life (100+ continuous hours of 4 AA)
  • Water pressure sensor provides true depth of downrigger weight
  • Adjustable red glow backlight eliminates night blindness
  • Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology built-in
  • Log and share catch data using free Fish Hawk Mobile App
  • Use smart phone or tablet as extra display(s)
  • For fresh and saltwater use

X4D System includes

  • LDC screen and mount
  • Fish Hawk Probe with protective bumper
  • Breakaway safety cable
  • 12-volt power cable
  • Transom mount transducer with hardware

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