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Pro-Cure Oil

Pro-Cure Oil

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Pro-Cure Scented Oil

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Absolutely the finest Bait Oils and Liquid Scents in the World!      MADE FROM REAL BAIT.

Available in 2 oz.

Product SKU Description Price Order
Anise Bloody Tuna 110-16-ATU
Made from real tuna dark meat trim and pure anise oil. Price: $5.99 
Anise Plus 110-16-ANS
A blend of 5 bait fish with a powerful shot of pure anise oil. If you're an anise fan this oil is for you! Price: $5.99 
Bloody Tuna 110-16-TUN
A blend of real ground up dark tuna meat, bloody tuna powder and tuna oil blended to fish catching perfection. Did we mention it's UV enhanced! Not only are salmon fond of tuna, so are Marlin, sailfish and wahoo. Price: $5.99 
Carp Spit 110-16-CRP
Similar to our Kokanee Special formula with the addition of ground up night crawlers, Carp Spit has rapidly become our hottest scent for trout, kokanee and river steelhead. It even works on carp!
Price: $5.99 
Corn 110-16-CRN
Super sweet corn scent really brings in the trout, kokanee and carp.

Price: $5.99 
Garlic Bloody Tuna 110-16-GTU
Made from real tuna dark meat trim and concentrated garlic oil. Price: $5.99 
Garlic Plus 110-16-GAR
Super powerful garlic oil blended with 5 fish oils and bite stimulants. A killer on salmon, steelhead, bass, trout, stripers, tuna. Big halibut love this stuff. Price: $5.99 
Kokanee Special Oil 110-16-KOK
The #1 Kokanee scent formula! A blend of herring oil, sweet corn scent and anise oil. The Bait Oil is a fantastic marinade for white corn, it also works great on floating bait for trout Price: $5.99 
Krill Oil 110-16-KRL
Premium oil from real arctic krill. Use as a marinade on eggs for steelhead, trout and salmon, or squirt onto corn or floating bait for kokanee and trout. Price: $5.99 
Predator Oil 110-16-PRD
One of the best all around scents ever made. Works great as a marinade on white shoepeg corn or synthetic maggotsfor kokanee and trout, it's also a killer on salmon and steelhead. A favorite on yarn and flies in the Great Lakes streams. Made from ground up salmon eggs, 5 fish oils, pure anise oil, and bite stimulants. Price: $5.99 
Sand Shrimp (Ghost Shrimp) Oil 110-16-SND
Made from real sand shrimp this scent really turns on big trout, kokanee, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, crappie and panfish. Price: $5.99 
Sardine Oil 110-16-SAR
Pure raw sardine oil, the most powerful available anywhere. This stuff is a favorite of salmon anglers, striper guys, and works fantastic on Power bait for trout. Just about anything that swims will eat this oil. Big Time Stuff!! Price: $5.99 

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