About Us

First, let me say THANK YOU for visiting our site.  This business began as a quest to find the best kokanee gear I could and has evolved into a store that specializes in kokanee tackle and this website.  I have had the privilege of meeting and speaking with some of the best kokanee fishermen.  I probably drove them crazy with all my questions, but we feel because of that we have put together a great collection of kokanee gear at a reasonable price. We know that there are many options out there for you and we hope to show you our commitment to this fishery with our customer service and products. 

I have been chasing kokanee since I was young.  My parents would make an annual trip to Canada and there is more than one photo around my parent’s house of me sleeping in the bow of the boat waiting for my dad to find them!  We are blessed in Idaho to have some great kokanee producing reservoirs and when we are not peddling tackle you can generally find us on the water. Please feel free to email us with any comments or questions at  Once again, thank you and we look forward to serving you!